SKY CITY 1000 ; Amazing Buildings of the Future

In 1989, the Takenaka Corporation pitched Sky City 1000 as a solution to Tokyo’s land crunch. This 3,281-foot tower will accommodate approximately 36,000 full-time residents and 100,000 workers. Residents will live in the side pillars and 14 dish-like plateaus will fill the tower centers with foliage.sky_city

Why It’s Awesome: As you know, Japan has a problem with space. And we aren’t talking about Mechagodzilla constantly coming down to Earth and stomping the Harajuku. Japan has the highest land prices on the planet. Although Sky City 1000 is a pricey endeavor, a bulk of its expenses will be land costs. By smooshing the population of a small town into a structure three times taller than the Eiffel Tower, the builder can preserve greenspace and save enough yen to later retrofit the place with holodecks.sky_city2