Heru Subiyantoro

Thesis Project




            Generally, university buildings that we know have long-shape or long block. It has consequences with the building thermal aspect. If not suitable with the wind-direction, it can accumulate thermal in the building. The next step that can be achieve is by reducing heat in the heat increasing buffer aspect through heat increasing buffer material and the right proportion shape to produce optimal thermal.

            The purpose of this research is to achieve several variants in thermal performance according to the variation in material, orientation and shape aspects. These variants statistically arrange to become compared ingredients to be look for optimal comfort condition in humid tropical area.

            The achieved comfort conditions are done to get results variation from several variables which are configured into several conditions toward optimal thermal performance in the building. That several conditions are spread to several kind of research simulation to achieve several results which can be compared.

            The stages to achieve this optimal condition are by observing the field to get general condition as a preliminary parameter of thermal physics in the research. In compliance with those processes, study about theories that connecting with the thermal effort process and its management are being done. The next  stage, the collected data are processed using computer simulation such a Ecotect V 5.5, Aiolos V 1.0 and Weather Tools V 2.0. Several variation as   results of the simulation are arranged in diagram graphic to be analyzed its critical point and  optimum condition.

            This research with limited permutation gives batako material configuration result , biggest opening is south oriented, and ratio form 1:4 can  decrease discomfort degree hours up to 3% from existing condition. The more  influential variable in the discomfort score changing is the form of the building.


Keywords: university building, optimal thermal performance, humid tropical



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